1,049 Patients of RoxSan Pharmacy Alerted of 2015 Electronic mail Breach

1,049 patients of Beverly Hills, CA-located RoxSan Pharmacy have been alerted that a few of their PHI has been shared with a BA via an unencrypted electronic mail.

The notice letters were dispatched to affected persons during February, even though the incident occurred on January 20, 2015. Remarking in the latest press announcement, RoxSan stated that affected persons are being contacted in “as timely a way as possible”. The delay in dispatching notices was because of “the safeguarded nature of the forensic inquiry”. It’s not totally clear when RoxSan Pharmacy became conscious of the mistake.

The PHI was attached to a data file that was conveyed to a single receiver – A Business Associate of the drugstore – who worked on legal affairs. That person had concluded a BAA with the drugstore and was acquainted with the duties of HIPAA in relation to patients’ PHI. Nevertheless, the PHI was leaked because the data file was delivered through the unencrypted electronic mail.

The data file had only a small amount of PHI and didn’t contain financial particulars, Social Security numbers, personal identification data, or patient identities.

The information contained details concerning patients who had recommendations filed between April 2015 and August 2015 and was kept to the patient identification information, physicians’ names, insurance information, drug information, and prescription information.

RoxSan hasn’t been made conscious of any reports that show the information has been intercepted as well as abused. People have been recommended the steps they can take to protect their identities and check for improper use of their information as a preventive measure.

The drug group has already taken steps to reinforce its operational safeguards to stop any additional breaches like this being experienced.