2017 Data Breach Report Discloses 305% Annual Growth in Breached Files

A 2017 files breach information supplied by Risk Based Security (RBS), a supplier of real-time risk analysis tools and information, has disclosed a 305% surge in the number of records disclosed in data breaches in the last year.

For its recent breach report, RBS examined breach reports from January 1 to September 30, 2017. RBS elucidated in the latest post, 2017 has been “yet one more ‘worst year ever’ for data breaches.”

In the 3rd quarter of 2017, 1,465 data breaches reported, taking the total quantity of openly disclosed data breaches to 3,833 cases for the year. Thus far in 2017, over 7 billion files have been stolen or exposed.

RBS informs there has been a continuous growth in openly disclosed data breaches since the beginning of June, with September the most awful month of the year thus far. Throughout the last 5 years, there has been a constant increase in informed data breaches, rising from 1,966 data breaches in 2013 to 3,833 in the current year. Yearly, the quantity of reported data breaches has risen by 18.2%.

The ruthlessness of data breaches has also risen. In 2016, 2.3 billion files were disclosed in the first 3 quarters of the year. In the current year, the number shot to 7.09 billion.

The bulk of the disclosed files in 2017 originated from 5 breaches, which disclosed roughly 78.5% of all the files disclosed thus far in 2017.

The breach at DU Caller disclosed 2 billion files; the River City Media breach saw 1,374,159,612 files disclosed; an anonymous web breach disclosed 711 million files, and the EmailCar breach saw 267 million files exposed.

Those 5 breaches made the top 10 listing of the worst data breaches ever happened and were rated the 2nd, 3rd,  4thand 9th worst data breaches ever happened. Except for one breach in 2014, all of the top 10 data breaches ever happened have been exposed in 2016 (4) and 2017 (5).

Although the above 5 breaches included the most archives, the harshest data breach of the YTD was the breach at Equifax, which exposed the files of 145,500,000 people. The breach just positions in 18th place in the listing of the worst data breaches ever happened, however, RBS ranks it as the most terrible data breach of 2017 because of the type of data gotten by the cyberpunk.

The main reason for 2017 data breaches was hacking. 1,997 data breaches were because of hacks, 433 breaches were because of scanning, 290 breaches were due to phishing, 256 breaches were due to viruses, and 206 breaches were due to web attacks.

Web attacks might have come in at 5th rank with reference to the number of breaches, but the attacks led to the highest number of exposed files – 68.5% of the whole. 30.9% of exposed files were due to hacking.

In 2017, the worst affected sector by data breaches has been business, constituting 68.5% of the total, after that ‘unknown’ on 12.6%. The third place was taken by medical data breaches constituting 8.5% of the total

RBS informs that there have been 69 file breaches conveyed in 2017 which concerned the disclosure of over a million files.

The RBS 2017 Data Breach Report can be viewed here.