2,100 Chesapeake Local Healthcare Patients PHI Breached in Hard Drives Burglary

April 13, 2018 


Chesapeake Regional Healthcare has noticed that two hard drives saving the protected health information (PHI) of about 2,100 patients have gone missing from the Chesapeake Local Medical Center site situated in Chesapeake, Virginia.

The data saved on the appliances relates to people who took part in lessons at its Sleep Center between April 2015 and February 2018.

It is presently unclear the precise time that hard drives went missing. Chesapeake Local Healthcare found that the appliances were lost on February 6, 2018. An internal analysis was started, and a complete search of the facility was finished, however, the appliances could not be located. The lost hard drives have been informed as lost/stolen to law enforcement organizations, however, Chesapeake Local Healthcare said the possibility of the appliances being recovered is minimal and it does not suppose the appliances to be found.

The hard drives did not have encryption. If gotten by a third party, the protected health information of patients might possibly be retrieved. The kinds of data saved on the appliances include names, data on medications that were prescribed, tests carried out at the Sleep Center, unique patient identifiers, birth dates, and demographic information. Insurance information, addresses, Social Security numbers, and financial data were not held on the appliance.

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare is using steps to make sure similar breaches do not occur in future. Those measures include enhancing policies related to the safety of PHI saved on moveable electronic appliances. It is not yet clear whether the new methods will include data encryption.

Chesapeake Local Healthcare is, presently, in the process of sending warnings to patients, who are being offered 12 months of free credit checking and identity theft safety facilities. Should patients discover their health information has been used wrongly, help will be offered to assist tackle any harm felt.