7,000 Patients Affected by Blackmail Effort on Sports Medication Supplier

Massachusetts-based Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy (SMART) has warned 7,000 patients to a breach of their PHI. Possibly, the breach affected all sick persons whose information was noted in an official visit to a SMART facility before December 31, 2016.

The breach, which happened during September 2017, was a blackmail effort. Cyberpunks accessed SMART systems, supposedly thieved files, and required a redemption payment to avoid the data from being announced online.

No hint was given in the breach notification letters to indicate the money was paid, even though SMART has notified its sick persons that there’s “no logic to suppose that the files have been or will be utilized for more evil intentions.”

The issue has been probed by the Homeland Security and FBI even though the particulars of the probes haven’t been announced. An effort was rendered by SMART to get a photocopy of the police statement by way of the Liberty of Information Act, even though at the time the notices were dispatched, no photocopy had been gotten.

The info possibly thieved by the cyberpunks didn’t contain Social Security numbers or financial data, however, diagnostic codes and insurance numbers were there in the thieved files set.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Alerts 6,000 Patients of an Unintentional Disclosure of Protected Health Information

The North Carolina DHHS has found that a worksheet having the PHI of roughly 6,000 people was inadvertently dispatched to a seller in an unencrypted electronic mail. The breach was found on September 27, 2017.

The seller was called and ordered to securely erase the worksheet attached to the electronic mail. The North Carolina DHHS has verified that the worksheet has been securely erased, even though impacted people have been notified that possibly, the electronic mail might have been interrupted in the journey by illegal people. The danger of interruption of the electronic mail or the abuse of any info in the worksheet is supposed to be little.

The worksheet had information like names, check results, as well as Social Security numbers of people who had gone through usual medicine screening checks. The checks were carried out on people who had applied to North Carolina DHHS for intern or employment and offer opportunities.

North Carolina DHHS is carrying out a revision of procedures and policies to make sure similar events are avoided in the time to come.