ADT Now Offering Cofense Phishing Detection and Response Capabilities to Customers

May 19, 2018


Cofense has declared a new association with the safety observing and interactive home as well as business automation solution provider ADT. Boca Raton, FL-based ADT is a top provider of security and automation solutions to enterprises and medium-sized companies all over the United States and Canada. The company assists businesses to find and react to cyberthreats in real-time, speeding up the alleviation of attacks to minimize effect on the company.

ADT’s cybersecurity platform helps companies manage, organize, and gather cyber intelligence and automate safety analyst workflows. The platform allows companies to greatly decrease the time between a cyberattack and finding and managing the safety breach.

Although ADT cybersecurity services allow companies to respond swiftly to a wide variety of cyberattacks, the association with Cofense will improve the firm’s capability to find and react to phishing threats – the number one cyber danger now confronted by companies. ADT’s managed facility and detection offerings will be increased with Cofense Triage – the first phishing-specific incident reaction platform to come to marketplace.

The sooner a cyberattack is noticed, the easier it is to decrease the damage caused. The Ponemon Institute reports that data breaches now cost companies an average of $3.62 million to settle and fast exposure can greatly decrease the cost. However, several companies try to identify cyberattacks and data breaches quickly. The median time from attack to detection is 80 days, during which time substantial harm can be caused.

With over 90% of cyberattacks beginning with a phishing electronic mail, a quick finding of phishing attacks is necessary. Cofense Triage provides companies with the detailed information they require to address electronic mail threats swiftly, letting them concentrate on dealing with the most serious dangers efficiently without wasting precious time on wrong positives. The platform automates analysis, prioritization, and reaction to dangers and gives companies analytics and visibility to speed up the processing of employee-reported phishing dangers.

“The blend of Cofense’s Triage technology and ADT’s managed facilities skillset brings to market an exceptional solution focused on frustrating phishing attacks before they cause harm, by moving the discovery of such attacks up the kill chain,” said Cofense CEO and Co-founder, Royht Belani.