Agari Earns Safety PG 2017 International Brilliance Award for Best Safety Software

The cybersecurity company Agari has been called victor of the Best Safety Software group at this year’s Safety Product Guidebook 2017 International Brilliance Awards.

The Safety Products Guidebook is utilized by decision makers to decide the best IT safety goods to install to defend digital possessions. The analyses in the guidebook are valuable for assisting confine goods to those that are best fitted for each separate business. The awards are a yearly occasion in which the finest cybersecurity businesses are admired and the top safety goods are appreciated.

Agari got the award for its Enterprise Protect™ solution – the lone electronic mail security answer that offsets the danger from spear phishing electronic mails, business electronic mail compromise (BEC) attacks and advanced low-volume social engineering-centered electronic mail attacks.

Although there are several spam-filtering and anti-phishing solutions out there, most fall flat to stop sophisticated spear phishing electronic mails and impersonation attacks in which the assailants simulate to be a person or business known to the victim.

The danger from phishing has been gradually increasing, with over 95% of all data breaches and cyber attacks involving email-based attacks, says Agari. Although phishing electronic mails are frequently interrupted and stopped, spear phishing attacks – those that aim for particular people – are tougher for software to recognize. Assailants often avoid discovery by utilizing social engineering methods instead of malevolent URLs of encryption.

“Agari’s Enterprise Protect is the lone solution out there these days that aggressively stops these kinds of attacks that utilize identity cheating to deceive people into giving away private information that puts workers, associates, and products at risk,” said vice president of Marketing for Agari, Seth Knox.

Agari’s Enterprise Protect™ solution operates by studying the metadata of electronic mails instead of the message gist and confirms reliable electronic mail individualities, leveraging the information from 10 billion checked electronic mails per day to assist find reliable transmitters.

Knox said, “Info Security Products Guidebook’s appreciation of Agari Enterprise Protect underscores the scale of the rising trouble of sophisticated email-based attacks that bypass present fortifications, like safe electronic mail gateways.