Agari Informs 6-Month Income Growth of 95%

Over the previous 6 months, the anti-phishing solution provider Agari has had 95% revenue growth, helped by the realization of its new Enterprise Protect™ platform – an advanced solution developed to confront the problem of spear phishing.


The solution effectively stops spear phishing, business email compromise, and social engineering-based electronic mail attacks by analyzing as well as confirming the senders of electronic mails.


Email-based attacks have increased in popularity in recent years. It’s no longer a case of if an attack will happen, but when and how often. The surge in email-based cyberattacks and the rising expenditure of mitigating those attacks have forced organizations to reconsider their email safety strategies.


Although there are many electronic mail security solutions that can stop phishing emails, spear phishing electronic mails that impersonate reliable or known individuals are tougher to block. The Enterprise Protect™ platform actively prevents these imitation attacks by verifying the actual sender of an email, instead of simply analyzing email content looking for usual spam indications.


The solution has confirmed popularity with organizations that are looking to enhance their existing spam and phishing fortifications, evidenced by the surge in revenue.


Uptake of the firm’s solutions has grown substantially in 2016 with the Agari Email Trust Platform at the center of its cybersecurity solutions now investigating more than 2.4 trillion messages every year. The firm’s cybersecurity solutions obstructed more than 6.8 billion malicious electronic mails last year and company is now protecting 64,000 customer domains.


The previous year, Agari appointed several key staff members including a new CEO, Chief Scientist, CFO, and Vice presidents for Marketing and Sales. $24 million was raised in funding and the company expanded into the Asia-Pacific region and Australasia, in addition to defending the largest bank in Germany, Europe’s biggest retailer, and the world’s largest airline.


Agari is carrying on to innovate, with the Customer Protect™ merged by Enterprise Protect™ last year, besides the introduction of Email Cloud Individuality into its Email Dependence Platform. Email Cloud Identity checks and verifies the outbound electronic mails sent by third-party firms on behalf of enterprises.