Agari Selects Gradian as its First UK Partner

May 9, 2018


Agari has declared a new association with the value-added reseller (VAR) Gradian. This is the first association between Agari and a UK-situated VAR. The purpose of the association is to expand Agari’s footprint in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Gradian will be presenting the Agari Electronic mail Trust platform to its clients to help them avoid electronic mail impersonation attacks and obstruct a wide variety of email-based dangers.

Phishing and BEC attacks are main dangers to companies. A single unnoticed hateful electronic mail can easily lead to an expensive data breach. With 95% of all data breaches and cyberattacks happening as a consequence of an electronic mail attack, it is now needed for companies to install advanced anti-phishing solutions to obstruct hateful electronic mails from reaching end users’ inboxes.

The Agari Email Trust Solution finds the actual senders of electronic mails with industry-leading correctness. The solution lets companies safeguard their brand by avoiding impostors from impersonating the company in electronic mail attacks on clients. Contrary to several anti-phishing solutions, Agari offers a high level of safety against highly targeted spear-phishing attacks.

Each year, Agari’s analytics engine, as well as telemetry network, evaluates over two trillion electronic mails, with the business’s evaluations providing users with intelligence into the most stylish phishing campaigns and sophisticated deception methods being used by crooks. The solution assists companies to reestablish their confidence in electronic mail.

An association with Gradian was a no-brainer. Gradian is the prominent reseller of Symantec’s electronic mail security solutions in the United Kingdom and is the preferred cybersecurity partner of several United Kingdom and Ireland-based companies. The Agari Email Trust Solution will complement the electronic mail safety solutions already offered by the company.

“The Agari Electronic mail Trust Platform, when united with industry-leading safe messaging providers, delivers a next-gen cyber-defense platform capable of solving the issue of deceiving to the company; our experience and know-how implies we are exclusively poised to assist our customers to benefit from this arrangement,” said CEO & Founder of Gradian, Damian Acklam, CEO & Founder of Gradian.

To assist companies evaluate the requirement for an advanced electronic mail safety solution, Agari and Gradian are providing a free electronic mail danger evaluation to companies which provide them with real-time danger intelligence and visibility into their electronic mail channel.