AI-Assisted Virtual Safety Analyst Added to Ironscales’ Innovative Threat Protection Platform

August 4, 2018


Ironscales, the Tel Aviv-based anti-phishing solution supplier, has declared it has included a latest module into its innovative danger safety platform that assists safety teams evaluate doubtful incoming electronic mails more rapidly to decide whether they are benevolent or malevolent.

When electronic mail dangers are informed to safety teams they should manually analyze the electronic mails to find the actual dangers concealed among the wrong positives. That procedure takes time and can lead to a delay in dealing with the gravest dangers. The new module acts as an AI helped virtual safety expert and automatically performs evaluations of doubtful incoming electronic mails in real time.

The AI system has been trained to perform the same assessments that human security analysts perform on suspicious electronic mails informed by workers. As per Ironscales, its AI system – named Themis – can forecast, with a high level of confidence, the legality of any doubtful electronic mail received by a company. The automatic evaluations assist safety teams find phishing and other malevolent electronic mails more quickly, letting them deal with dangers much more rapidly.

Ironscales’ automated forensics and incident reaction module – IronTraps – automatically finds and isolates malevolent electronic mails; nevertheless, when doubtful electronic mails make it past this defense they are evaluated by Themis.

They are evaluated based on earlier dangers and phishing safety decisions and standards and are categorized as phishing attacks, spam, or false positives. The system carries out the same checks that a human counterpart would carry out. Themis also learns from the millions of electronic mails that it evaluates on a weekly basis and improves over time.

The system can be set to make proposals which can then be evaluated by safety experts or run in responsive mode to automatically cope with dangers that have been verified with an adequately high level of confidence.

Themis has been made available for Office 365, Exchange, and G Suite users as a one-click add-on via the Ironscales dashboard.