Allscripts Facing Class Action Court case After Ransomware Attack

Allscripts faced a ransomware attack at hubs in Charlotte and Raleigh, leading to many apps continuing offline for up to 1,500 customers. Florida-centered Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics has already started the legal action by submitting a class action court case against the Electronic health record seller.

A new variation SamSam illegal computer software infested Allscripts, a supplier of  EHR as well as e-prescription facilities to19,000 post-acute care companies 2,500 hospices, and data server last week,

Incident reaction groups brought in from Cisco and Microsoft directed the business in reestablishing its e-prescribing facility by Saturday; however, for several operators of the computer network, the Allscripts’ PRO EHR structure is still experiencing downtime or inaccessible. An Allscripts’ representative couldn’t confirm when a complete restoration will occur.

The class action court case versus Allscripts was recorded in the U.S. District Court for the District of Illinois from where the business operates. The legal lawsuit asserts that Allscripts acted carelessly in failing to safeguard its systems versus cyberattacks and that the business was conscious of threats confronting its online safety. The complaint notes that the organization’s latest 10-K filing documented: “If our safety is infringed, we might be subject to accountability, and our customers might be discouraged from using our services and products”.

Legal lawyer representative of the petitioner – Florida-centered Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics – Allscripts forecasted the ransomware attack in the K-10 recording; and, as a consequence of the attack, their customer suffered “substantial business disruption and interruption, and lost incomes”. The class action court case versus Allscripts also contends that violation of the agreement, unfair enrichment, and breaches of Illinois´ Constant Fraud Trade Customs Law and Consumer Deception Act were obviously apparent.

A member of the group that recorded the class action court case versus Allscripts, Steven Tapper, is of the view that the ransomware attack might have affected numerous more customers than the firm is stating. Talking to journalists, he said: “We actually do not know. Allscripts has not revealed the full magnitude of the effect”. His colleague – John Yanchunis – said that it might take up to 18 months to finalize the legal action, however, Allscripts might opt for attempting to find a faster solution. “I would expect that would be the situation here,” he remarked.