Baba Ramdev: Indian expert’s ‘WhatsApp killer’ app mocked over faults

June 3, 2018


A chat app launched by an Indian yoga expert and nicknamed a “WhatsApp killer”, has been removed from app stores amid an uproar over safety faults.

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Products introduced Kimbo on Thursday, describing it as a “homegrown” competitor to other chat apps.

However, hours after its “introduction”, specialists pointed out the app was not safe and its user data might be easily retrieved.

SK Tijarawala, a representative of Patanjali Products, said: “the Kimbho will demonstrate to the world that India can be the leader in international expertise “.

“We issued the app only for a day to know how people would respond. The reaction has been remarkable. We will properly introduce the app in the near future and after that, I will be glad to reply any safety-related queries,” he said.

The app marked the innovative guru’s first endeavor into the tech business.

His company Patanjali is already a huge business empire that vends a wide variety of products from shampoos and cereal to skin creams and pre-cooked noodles.

However, a cyber safety scientist, who tweets under the penname Elliot Alderson, pointed out that this time around Patanjali might have hurried into introducing the app.

Alt News website, which is devoted to breaking false news articles, informed that Patanjali “just rebranded a messaging app known as ‘Bolo Messenger’ that has been created by a start-up in the US”.

“All the proof on show clearly indicates that Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has rebranded an already prevailing app and passed it off like the ‘Swadeshi’ [homegrown] Kimbho app,” the report stated.

However, Mr. Tijarawala has discarded these statements.

“The app has been created in-house at Patanjali and our engineers and developers toiled on it. You will know and see their efforts when we officially introduce the app,” he said.

India, which is projected to have 500 million internet users by June, is already the largest market for chat app WhatsApp.