Barracuda PhishLine Levelized Plan Presents New Way of Measuring Vulnerability to Phishing Attacks

April 17 saw the introduction of Barracuda PhishLine Levelized Plans – A new method created by PhishLine and Barracuda to define and improve user opposition to phishing attacks.

Most anti-phishing teaching solutions employ tick rate metrics to decide opposition and vulnerability to phishing attacks. Although this way of testing workers has proven effectual, Barracuda Networks mentions that there are bounds restrictions to this method. It’s all too usual for tick rate exhaustion to take root and existing methods used to measure opposition to phishing attacks concentrate on the negative – unsuccessful phishing imitations – instead of the optimistic – growth that has been achieved. Implementing a more optimistic method inspires users to increase their phishing finding expertise.

Throughout Barracuda PhishLine Levelized Plans, users’ movement over several metrics is transmitted and their progress is showcased, instead of concentrating on matters where the user hasn’t done so well. Users are motivated to carry on their training, with good performance acknowledged and compensated. Tailored raise laws can be set which offer more correctness than simple tick rate metrics and the plans have been created to keep users involved and concentrated on increasing their safety consciousness.

The platform lets companies develop safety consciousness operations having all of the vital elements required to develop a safety culture as well as quantify the measures each user has undertaken to develop their perception of the dangers they confront daily.  At each phase of the training plan, workers are checked on their new education and are set simulation and training subject that tests them.

Managers can follow the growth each user has made and can check the efficacy of the whole simulation and training effort across the entire business.

Barracuda Networks/PhishLine will be showing their Levelized Plans at this month’s RSA Seminar, which is happening between 16th and 20th of the current month at the Moscone Center North Hall in San Francisco, CA.