Barracuda Systems Buys Safety Consciousness Company PhishLine

Barracuda Systems has declared it has bought the safety consciousness and anti-phishing teaching company PhishLine. The agreement will merge PhishLine’s phishing simulation and training platform into the Barracuda variety of anti-phishing solutions to offer more thorough safety for its clients.

Technological safeguards against spear phishing and phishing assist businesses to decrease danger to a realistic level; nevertheless, no solution can be completely effective against the volley of spam and malevolent electronic mails now being transmitted by threat actors all over the world.

Electronic mail is now the main attack vector and extremely sophisticated tricks are now used to sidestep safety controls and target workers. Social engineering procedures are used to deceive workers into disclosing their login identifications and install ransomware and malware.

Security consciousness training is hence a main part of any cybersecurity plan. Companies must make sure that the staff has the necessary expertise to find new dangers and take the suitable action. This is where PhishLine stands out. The firm has developed a big library of training material along with a SaaS platform for teaching workers and running social engineering and phishing simulation. The company has three exclusive rights to its SaaS program, with further 8 awaiting, and the firm was lately accepted as a far-sighted in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in Safety Consciousness and Computer-Based Teaching.

“Barracuda’s inventions around targeted attacks, archiving, AI, and data safety supplement PhishLine’s solutions nicely. Our collective strengths provide a data-driven, comprehensive method to assist clients mitigate risks, fight smarter, eliminate threats, and gain greater serenity,” stated Mark T. Chapman, PhishLine Chief Executive Officer, and President.

Besides the solutions offered by PhishLine, Barracuda now provides a comprehensive electronic mail safety facility including technology to obstruct malevolent electronic mails as well as a SaaS training platform to assist companies to develop a humanoid firewall.

The Barracuda platform offers understandings into the modern dangers, has advanced AI ability to stop cyber scam and targeted email-based attacks on workers, and web filtering ability to avoid workers from visiting malevolent links and defend them while surfing the Internet. Its network and data safety solutions have now been implemented by over 150,000 companies all over the world.