Black Book Research Survey Shows that Mobile Technology is Improving Patient Security

June 18, 2018


The outcomes of the latest survey carried out by Black Book Research indicate that 90% of hospices and 94% of doctors have applied mobile technology and trust that it is assisting to increase patient security and results.

The survey was conducted on 770 hospital-based users and 1,279 doctor practices from Q4, 2017 to Q1, 2018.

The survey indicated 96% of hospitals are planning on buying a new medical communications platform in 2018 or have already implemented a new, complete communications platform.

85% of scrutinized hospitals and 83% of doctor practices have already applied a safe communication platform to increase communications between care teams, patients, and their relatives. Safe text messaging platform are rapidly becoming the number one selection because of the ease of text messages, the safety provided by the platforms, and the developments they make to production and profitability.

98% of hospitals and 77% of doctor practices said they have implemented safe, encrypted electronic mail and are using intrusion discovery systems to make sure breaches are identified swiftly.

A lot of suppliers of safe text messaging solutions have created their platforms, particularly for the healthcare sector. The platforms include all the required safety measures to meet HIPAA conditions and make sure PHI can be transferred securely. Text messaging is known to nearly all staff members who are offered access to the platforms and they make communication fast and easy.

Nevertheless, 63% of those examined said they are still confronting ongoing challenges with buy-in of common mobile adoption plans and related enterprise technology implementation.

30% of respondents replied saying that although safe methods of interaction have been implemented like encoded text messaging platforms and secure electronic mail, they are still getting communications every day from unsafe sources that have personally recognizable information like patients’ names and birth dates.

Part of the study contained an evaluation of cybersecurity and secrecy software and facilities, letting the business to name the sellers that are most highly considered by users. TigerText, the market prominent supplier of safe text messaging solutions for the healthcare division, was ranked highly across the board, as were Doc Halo, Spok, Vocera, and Imprivata.

Doc Halo got the highest marks among safe communications platform supplier among doctor groups, with Perfect Serve, OnPage, Patient Safe Solutions, Telemediq, and Voalte also doing well. Spok rated maximum among hospital systems and inpatient groups, with Qlik and Cerner also getting high rankings.

Doug Brown, president of Black Book Market Research said “Investors across the healthcare industry are in the search of finding solutions to use complete real-time data as well as connectivity shrewdly to advance patient security, production, and profitability. Companies are adopting safe text messaging platforms since texts are convenient, as well.”