Bug Clears Friends for 800,000+ Facebook Users

July 6, 2018


Facebook users may have seen information in their news feeds from users that had obstructed them since a bug was allegedly unblocking people, the business announced on last Monday.

On last Monday, Facebook began informing over 800,000 of its users that a virus in Facebook and Messenger had cleared some users that had earlier been obstructed. Active between 29 May and 5 June, the bug did not let a blocked user see matter within certain secrecy permissions. Nevertheless, if the post were open or visible to friends of friends, the obstructed individual might have viewed the information. Users whose secrecy setting were set to “friends only” when sharing matter would not have had any posts exposed to an obstructed friend. 

Facebook made an apology for what occurred and clarified that the bug did not reinstate any obstructed people. The business also remarked that “83% of people affected by the virus had just one person they had obstructed provisionally cleared.” The problem has been solved, and users were encouraged to check their obstructed list to make certain that their desired settings were as they must be.

It’s been a difficult 2018 for Facebook, who later announced that it had indeed carried on to share data with 61 hardware and software producers even after CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified that the practice of sharing data with third parties finished in 2015.

In the early hours of Friday 29 June, Facebook presented 747 pages worth of answers to the queries posed by the Senate and House Committees on 10-11 April. Of the 2,000 queries asked, numerous linked to the scraping of data from third parties brought to light by the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that secrecy settings and other important tools are too hard to find and that we should do more to keep people updated. Therefore, we’re taking additional measures to put people more in control of their secrecy,” Facebook wrote.