Cartons of Medical Files Thieved from New Jersey Health Practice

Otolaryngology Partners of Central Jersey is warning patients to a breach of their PHI, after a theft at an off-site storing service in East Brunswick, NJ.

The robbers took 13 cartons of paper medical files from the service, which contained information like names, health insurance account numbers, addresses, dates of military service, birth dates, and the names of curing doctors. A limited quantity of Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers were also in the thieved files.

The theft was swiftly identified and police were informed. An internal inquiry was started, and measures were taken to decrease the possibility of similar breaches taking place in the time to come.

The medical files were being saved as per federal and state rules and related to earlier patients who had received cure at either of Otolaryngology Partners of Central Jersey’s 2 services in Franklin and East Brunswick townships. All impacted people have now been informed of the breach.

Although the criminals of several thefts are never arrested, an accused is now in detention. That person, Fernando Rios, 33, of Sayreville, was detained in connection with the theft after police got a clue after Rios tried to sell the files. The individual whom Rios offered the files to contact the U.S Division of Homeland Security and the files were delivered.

As the thieved files were quickly regained, Otolaryngology Partners of Central Jersey believe the danger of patient files being used wrongly is small.

Rios has been accused of second degree trading in PII, second degree identity thievery, and third-degree theft. Rios confronts a minimum jail duration of five years.

The case has been informed to the Division of Health and Human Services’ OCR, however, has not yet appeared on the OCR breach portal. asserts the cartons of records contained roughly 1,000 patient files.