Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Warns Parents of forbidden Disclosure of Kids’ PHI

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is alerting parents of a secrecy breach which observed the protected health information (PHI) of children disclosed to wrong insurance payers.

The secrecy breach was found on November 29, 2017, with notices dispatched to impacted patients on December 19.

The forbidden disclosure of PHI incorporated names, dates of service, addresses, birth dates, medical record numbers, and descriptions of the facilities delivered.

Upon detection of the secrecy breach, the insurance payers were communicated and ordered to erase the info. Suitable pledges have been gotten that the info has now been erased and the medical files of impacted patients have been renewed to contain correct payer information.

No information has been received to indicate that any of the disclosed information has been utilized wrongly; nevertheless, out of an abundance of care, impacted patients have been provided credit protection/monitoring facilities with ID Specialists, free of charge.

In the breach notice letters, parents have been suggested to check insurance communications, containing Description of Advantages statements, for any facilities that haven’t been obtained by their kids and to be vigilant to the probability of wrong use of their kid’s PHI.

The case has encouraged Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, to re-enforce training of sellers and workforce on the significance of protecting patient information.

The case has been informed to the California Attorney General’s Office and will be informed to the HHS’ OCR. At this point, it is not clear precisely how many people have been affected by the case.