CloudHealth Technologies Attains AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency Position

September 22, 2018


CloudHealth Technologies has declared it has attained Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Management Tools Competency position, showing that the firm is extremely proficient at assisting AWS clients to provision and administer AWS workloads via its cloud management platform.

In order for an AWS Partner Network (APN) member to attain AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency position, they should show specific technical expertise at administering, provisioning, managing, and optimizing AWS resources, have a great knowledge of the AWS platform, and be able to effortlessly provide solutions particularly for AWS clients. In the case of CloudHealth Technologies, the main concentration of its platform is Cloud Governance and Resource & Cost Optimization.

Through the platform, businesses can examine their existing cloud usage and observe and administer cloud cost, safety, and performance. The platform assists companies to drive growth, provides full visibility of multi-cloud environments as they scale, and lets policies to be automated to assist firms to maintain complete control of their AWS environments.

The AWS Competency Program was commenced to identify the businesses that have a deep knowledge of AWS and can give their clients the benefit of their AWS experience and know-how and assist them to integrate and deploy scalable, flexible and cost-effective cloud solutions.

“Attaining AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency Position further endorses our technology and vision as we carry on to assist clients to accelerate their company by leveraging the agility, breadth of facilities, and speed of invention that AWS provides,” said Joe Kinsella, Creator and CTO of CloudHealth Technologies.

One client that has implemented the CloudHealth platform and has earned the prizes is the Latin America on-demand delivery startup Rappi. The business has been able to make enormous savings by using the platform.  “On a daily basis, I get a warning to sanction a workflow to create photos and then erase unattached EBS volumes. This has saved us $5,000 a month,” said Jesus Sanchez, Project Manager of DevOps and Infrastructure at Rappi.