CloudHealth Technologies Documented in Forrester Wave Hybrid Cloud Management Statement

June 12, 2018


CloudHealth Technologies has been called a “robust executor” in the Forrester Wave Hybrid Cloud Management, Q2, 2018 statement.

This is the second cloud price optimization and administration Forrester Wave statement circulated in the previous two weeks, and CloudHealth Technologies has been acknowledged in both, with Forrester ranking CloudHealth Technologies as a frontrunner in the Forrester Wave: Cloud Price Checking and Optimization, Q2 2018.

The Forrester Wave statements are thorough assessments of sellers carried out over a period of many months by scientists at Forrester. The Forrester Wave statements assist companies to generate a shortlist of appropriate sellers to assess, saving them precious time and effort when choosing new sellers.

For products and services to deserve a Forrester Wave statement, the market should have reached a particular level of development and there should be adequate purchaser interest to deserve a statement. The mix cloud administration market has definitely reached the minimum level of development to deserve a statement and there is substantial interest from companies which are looking for solutions to assist with governance and price optimization for mix cloud settings.

In order for a product or service to be deemed for inclusion in the Mix Cloud Administration Wave, a seller should have developed “a multiuse suite that provides a range of cloud administration abilities across checking, brokerage, provisioning, pattern creation, composition, and so on. This suite should provide administration for general workloads, and not only specialize in the administration of a particular assignment, infrastructure kind, or vertical.”

Solutions were just taken into account for insertion if they provided cost checking and optimization understandings for AWS, Azure, and vSphere-based clouds by January 1, 2018, and permitted the administration of several cloud settings via a lone management console. Solutions should also be sold as separate devices and have attained incomes of more than $7.5 million in 2017.

CloudHealth Technologies is a comparative novice to hybrid cloud administration, however, even so, the business already has an extraordinary present offering, sound plan, and strong market manifestation. The CloudHealth platform was a worthy addition in Forrester’s list of the 12 most important sellers in the field.

Forrester described in the statement that “CloudHealth was among the Strong Executors in the assessment, getting among the highest mark in the product idea, and number of clients criteria.”

“We’re thrilled to be included in this group of the 12 most important sellers, particularly as a newer player into this market,” said Rachel Dines, CloudHealth’s Sr. Director of Product Marketing.