CloudHealth Technologies Enhance Help for the Google Cloud Platform

July 21, 2018


Handling multi-cloud settings can be difficult and time-consuming procedure. A lot of firms require visibility into the cloud sources they have provisioned and how they are being utilized, which makes keeping check of expenses the main challenge.

As cloud migration rises, and companies take benefit of the elasticity and cost advantages from using several cloud platforms, it often results in cloud disorder. That was the situation for CloudHealth Technologies CTO Joe Kinsella. Kinsella concluded to form CloudHealth Technologies in 2012 to tackle the difficulty.

Now six years on, the firm is the prominent supplier of cloud management solutions that provide companies complete visibility into their cloud atmospheres, cloud usage, and charges. The platform lets them sensibly control their cloud atmospheres, keep close control of charges, maximize their investments, and cut back on the man-hours dedicated to cloud administration.

The CloudHealth cloud management platform was originally created to work with AWS, even though support has since been enhanced for Microsoft Azure, and VMware, although there was not adequate demand for the startup to pledge the required resources to add help for the Google Cloud Platform. Up until now, that is.

Over the previous 18 months, CloudHealth Technologies has received a growing number of requests from clients who desire the same level of visibility provided via the platform for Azure, AWS, and VMWare except for the Google Cloud Platform.

Now the firm has dedicated the required resources for the growth of support for the Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud support was included in its platform, on July 19, 2018.

Now that support has been included, clients are able to administer their Azure, AWS, VMware, and Google Cloud instances in the same console. Assets can be checked and administered and automation can be created around a lot of management jobs.

The platform provides clients with insights into existing and earlier usage, resource utilization, and provides usage tendency data letting companies effectively arrange and make data-driven conclusions and forecasts in real time. The platform provides companies with chances where cost savings can be made and warnings can be generated when usage and cost are out of conformity, letting them stay in advance of the curve and avoid main cost overruns.

“As Google Cloud Platform adoption carries on to increase, CloudHealth gives companies matchless visibility into price and usage, while preparing them with the governance skills required to optimize their Google Cloud Platform setting,” said Joe Kinsella, Creator, and CTO, CloudHealth Technologies. “With CloudHealth Technologies, clients are able to gain from a confirmed method to cloud control and optimization, letting them to easily invent with Google Cloud Platform all through their whole cloud journey.”