CloudHealth Technologies Platform Now Incorporates Container Module Support for Amazon ECS

May 26, 2018


CloudHealth Technologies now has a solution. Its cloud facility administration platform already lets companies and SMBs optimize, cope, and automate their cloud placements, bringing different environments together in order to let companies see resource use, allocation, and cloud expenses across hybrid cloud settings through a single pane of glass.

Now the Boston-located company has declared general obtainability of container module support for Amazon ECS. This extra module provides users greater visibility into their Amazon ECS placements, assisting them to know consumption patterns across facilities and teams, schedule capacity, assign resources, and rightsize settings in order to decrease wastage.

Businesses are progressively changing to Amazon and using its elastic container facility to improve flexibility, agility, and simplicity. Container acceptance has proved trendy in the past few years, and now more than 50% of new workloads will be positioned in containers – at least for one phase of the application lifecycle.

“While containers offer huge operational advantages, companies try to know consumption trends and governance required to make strategic decisions, earmark expenses and drive responsibility in these dynamic settings,” said John Purcell, VP of Products for CloudHealth Technologies. “The CloudHealth Container Module allows companies to innovate with containers, without losing control.”

“As we empower our clients to concentrate on more strategic differentiators, we suppose CloudHealth’s container module exclusively provides them with the full visibility they require around AWS resource utilization, cost administration, and being able to identify changes to reduce spending,” said Deepak Singh, Director of Computer Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc.