CloudHealth Unites with Brazilian Next-Gen MSP Dedalus Prime

June 18, 2018


CloudHealth Technologies has declared a new association with the prominent Brazilian managed service provider (MSP) Dedalus Prime.

Dedalus Prime is a next-generation MSP that has assisted several Latin American businesses to change their businesses as well as gain a competitive advantage by shifting to the cloud. Dedalus Prime has built solid partnerships with all of the main cloud suppliers and is among the biggest AWS partners in Latin America.

The partnership with CloudHealth will assist the business to provide even more value to its clients, not just assisting them to change to the cloud, but also get the very best profit on their investment.

Dedalus Prime is these days including the CloudHealth platform into its managed service offerings in order to assist its clients to optimize their cloud settings as well as save up to 30% off their monthly cloud bills, at the same time streamlining governance of their cloud settings.

Cloud cost management is a hot subject at the moment. Now that companies have shifted to the cloud, they are looking to reduce unnecessary spending and simplify cloud governance. MSPs that can assist companies to set up best practices for cost optimization and governance can gain a substantial competitive advantage.

The association will see Dedalus Prime to offer its clients advanced cloud cost administration as well as investment savings. “We’re not only talking about Cloud costs, but the irregular type of Cloud spends as settings scale,” said Dedalus Prime President Maurício Fernandes. “Regardless of the size of the firm, the maturity, or the traditional procedures of governance, cost management is the subject of the moment and keeps us extremely optimistic regarding this new association.”

Dedalus Prime will become the leading CloudHealth partner in Latin America and is a welcome addition to the CloudHealth Technologies growing partner ecosystem.