Cofense Collects Three Cyber Defense Magazine 2018 InfoSec Rewards

April 21, 2018


This year, over 3,000 businesses were studied for the rewards. Each business was evaluated across a wide variety of criteria and the field was reduced down to 500 qualifiers across more than 80 types.

This year there were three phishing types: Anti-Phishing; Anti-Phishing Training, and Anti-Phishing Protection. Cofense (formerly PhishMe) was mentioned a winner in all three types for its anti-phishing solutions.

Cofense was the only winner in the Anti-Phishing Protection and Anti-Phishing Training groups, being called a Hot Firm for Anti-Phishing Teaching and Best Product in the Anti-Phishing Safety group. The business also collected a reward in the Anti-Phishing group alongside Bromium, EdgeWave, and Ironscales. Cofense was called Frontrunner in the group.

“After studying approximately 3,000 infosec businesses, internationally, we chose Cofense for its marriage of human cleverness and inventive technology in a joint task to assist prevent breaches and get one step ahead of the following danger before it turns into a breach,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher, Cyber Defense Magazine.

The previous few years have seen the main increase in phishing attacks and phishing is currently the number one safety threat faced by companies. Organizations and SMBs are financing in technologies to thwart the danger, however, phishing electronic mails are still making it past border fortifications and are being sent to end users’ inboxes.

Technological solutions are essential to decrease the volume of malicious electronic mails that are sent, however, the changing methods of cybercriminals and the growing sophistication of phishing attacks imply technology alone will not deliver complete safety. What is required is a blend of technology and human-based fortifications.

Cofense has created a variety of anti-phishing solutions that focus on the human element. Cofense PhishMe merges an extensive library of teaching material with a phishing replication platform that lets companies train workers on safety consciousness and test vulnerability to phishing attacks. Cofense Reporter is a device that lets workers report doubtful electronic mails to their safety teams with a single click, letting swift action to be taken to alleviate dangers.  Cofense Triage and Cofense Intelligence assist safety teams rapidly find and react to phishing attacks in the process. Collectively, they let an organization to launch a remarkable defense against phishing.