Cofense Develops New SOAR Platform That Lets IRs Obstruct Phishing Attacks Even Quicker

August 2, 2018


The prominent anti-phishing solution supplier Cofense has developed a new platform that finds and halts phishing attacks in progress even quicker. The Cofense Phishing-Specific Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform is the first such platform to come to a marketplace that has been specially developed to recognize and interrupt phishing attacks in headway.

Cofense had already developed its advanced, multi-award earning Cofense Triage platform to assist event responders to separate real phishing attacks from the sound in misused mailboxes. The solution eliminates the kind messages that have been reported by workers as possibly malevolent through the Cofense Reporter electronic mail add-on, letting event reaction groups focus on actual phishing dangers.

Cofense Triage mixes with nearly two dozen safety solutions through the REST API to assist safety groups to provide an improved safety orchestration reaction. The solution also backs the use of playbooks – a set of principles frequently used in phishing attacks – which let phishing dangers to be automatically alleviated when the playbook settings are met.

The new Phishing SOAR blends Cofense Triage with a new creation – Cofense Vision. Cofense Vision enhances the phishing SOAR reaction capabilities of Cofense Triage saving event reaction groups even more time.

When phishing attacks happen, they often include many messages. Cofense Vision makes sure that swift action is taken to get rid of all malevolent messages from a firm’s electronic mail system. Cofense Vision lets event reaction groups to rapidly hunt, find, and isolate all copies of a malevolent message throughout all of a company’s inboxes. When a real danger is noticed, it can be deactivated even quicker.

Phishing campaigns might also include a few of similar phishing electronic mails. Cofense Vision can be utilized to find all messages in a phishing crusade. Users can dig deep and query add-on names, add-on hashes, dispatchers, message themes, dates, and other criteria to easily classify patterns and find phishing dangers. When all cases of a message are recognized, those emails can be secluded with a single click.

Cofense will be joining the Black Hat 2018 meeting at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas on August 8/9 and will be showcasing the new Phishing SOAR platform at booth #936.

A general announcement of Cofense Vision is projected in Q4, 2018.