Cofense Hires Tonia Dudley as Safety Solutions Consultant

July 14, 2018


Cofense has declared that the safety industry past master Tonia Dudley has been hired and will become the firm’s first Safety Solutions Counselor.

Tonia has wide experience in creating and administering occurrence reaction, cybersecurity consciousness programs, and IT conformity programs at large international companies. Tonia is a panel member of the National Cybersecurity Society, which assists to increase consciousness of the requirement for small companies to apply cybersecurity solutions.

Tonia has enrolled Cofense from the Charles Schwab Corporation, where she spent three years administering its cybersecurity programs and creating cybersecurity consciousness plans to improve the business’s safety posture.

Tonia’s part at Cofense will be concentrated on phishing protection backing. She has been tasked with showing how Cofense anti-phishing solutions work and decrease the impact of phishing attacks all over the world, and how significant Cofense anti-phishing solutions are for companies.

Tonia will attain this via a range of speaking activities, publishing platforms, and different media occasions. Moreover, Tonia will recommend Cofense product groups on the particular client and market-driven requirements will assist modernize product roadmaps and will play a vital part in the making of Cofense’s opening global client advisory panel.

“From this year’s acquisition and rebrand declaration to moving our sales example to 100% channel, and now with the addition of Tonia to our group, we are continuing to keep our top position in phishing protection,” said Jim Hansen, President and Chief Operating Officer at Cofense. “We will carry on to revolutionize new methods for companies to identify, react to and upset attacks that avoided their failed electronic mail gateways by using advanced phishing automation and orchestration methods powered by human acumen.”

“I am happy to join Cofense where I can really perform on my passion to construct and improve safety consciousness and occurrence reaction programs through all main industries. With the danger landscape continuously developing, our end users are the front-line entry points to dangers that are sneaking their way through failing technology strata,” said Tonia Dudley. “Cybersecurity is more than simply checking a box, it’s something that should be prioritized across every level of a company. We must bring into line our safety consciousness and occurrence reaction programs to make sure we are cooperating and jointly opposing and winning this daily fight by interrupting attacks in-real time prior to actual damage happens.”