Cofense Increases Safety Consciousness and Worker Conditioning Solutions


Cofense has declared it has made numerous enhancements to its phishing teaching, replication, and response platform to make it even simpler for businesses to improve their fortifications against phishing attacks – The number one cybersecurity danger confronted by companies in the healthcare sector.

Although technological anti-phishing solutions can decrease the volume of hateful electronic mails that are delivered to end users’ inboxes, some phishing electronic mails will still be delivered. It is therefore necessary – and a requirement of HIPAA – for workers to receive training to assist them identify phishing dangers.

Research carried out by Cofense has demonstrated that companies can diminish vulnerability to phishing attacks by up to 95% through safety consciousness teaching when training is fortified with phishing imitations. The Cofense PhishMe teaching and phishing imitation platform help companies improve the safety consciousness of their workers and conditions them to react properly when potentially hateful messages are received.

In addition to regular additions to the library of teaching content, Cofense is constantly augmenting its phishing imitation patterns to include actual phishing attacks and the new phishing and social engineering methods used by phishers to deceive end users.

More enhancements have lately been made to the platform including the addition of plain text phishing electronic mail imitations and auto attachment tracking. The latter is an industry-first characteristic that correctly tracks the end users that have opened attachments sent in phishing imitations, whether they are opened on laptops, desktops, or mobile appliances. This lets businesses to identify people who did not take training on board.

Updates have also been made to let end users who fail phishing imitations to be automatically registered in additional training to tackle the particular areas where they have shown a lack of consciousness.

The platform now contains enhanced reporting, including boardroom quality reports that can be shared with the decision-making team to demonstrate the results of the phishing defense program and the return on investment.

Enhancements have also been made to recipient management, letting managers to easily manage as well as update worker information and evaluate user-specific activity.

“As an industry frontrunner in phishing imitation, safety consciousness and teaching, we’re always looking for methods to improve and grow our product lines so clients can remain cautious when it comes to resisting the latest safety dangers,” said Aaron Higbee, co-founder, and CTO of Cofense. “We’re excited regarding these new characteristics and numerous pending product inventions that will further reinforce the amalgamation between safety teaching and incident reaction – making sure that our clients have the best collective defense program in place.”