Cofense Nominated Among 2018 Best Workplaces by Inc. Magazine

May 28, 2018


For the past 3 years, Inc. Magazine has collected a yearly list of the best places of work in the United States. The list is based on a complete study of privately owned and independent businesses that have a lively culture, deeply engaged workers, and offer outstanding worker benefits.

Each year, thousands of candidates strive to be included in the list, with the candidates cut down to the top 300 businesses. To be judged for inclusion, a business should be privately owned, autonomous, based in the United States, and not be a company of another business.

The Best Workplaces list was created in combination with Quantum Workplace, the Omaha, NE-situated work engagement and work culture specialists, to identify the businesses that are raising the bar and have become actually inspiring places to work. The list demonstrates businesses what it takes to compete with the top businesses in the country and attract the best talent.

Although liberal pay packets and worker benefits are definitely a good beginning, Inc. Magazine points out that becoming one of the Best Workplaces takes much more and needs the company to have a strong sense of purpose and wonderful leadership, with a sense of wit also assisting to produce a great location to work.

The firms are evaluated on the perks offered to workers and on the replies to a 30-question survey delivered to the company’s workers. The surveys are evaluated by the research group at Quantum Workplace, and grades are given for each firm, which is regularized to account for differences in business size.

2018 is the first year that a worker survey has been included in the evaluation procedure. “[This Year], we’ve actually raised the bar. Businesses that don’t make at the very top of their peer group don’t make the cut. Therefore, our hats are off to the leaders. They all surpassed at engaging their employees, making them feel valued, and supporting them behind a goal. And keep in mind, that’s not just our view: The workers told us that themselves,” states James Ledbetter, Inc. editor-in-chief.

Cofense, the Leesburg, VA-based provider of human-driven phishing protection solutions, has been incorporated in this year’s top 300 list. “Being accepted as among the Best Places to Work by Inc. Magazine is a privilege, particularly since this program is based directly on worker view,” states Rohyt Belani, CEO of Cofense. “We understand that our team members have the option of where they work, and our constant achievement is a direct consequence of their unbelievable attempts. By nurturing a collaborative, creative and innovative work atmosphere, we try every day to allow our team members to collaborate, grow and learn.”

The 2018 Best Workplaces list will be circulated in the June issue of Inc. Magazine.