Cofense Re-Introduces Reseller Network Program when it Implements a 100% Indirect Sales Style

Cofense, previously PhishMe, is shifting away from direct sales as well as intends to convert to a 100% network dedicated firm. The Leesburg, Virginia located company has now taken a stride nearer to that objective with the re-introduction of its reseller network program since the company intends to increase its 300+ network of international sales associates.

The Cofense associate program has proven much admired by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) whose customers are appreciating the advantages to be gotten from coaching the staff to be more safety conscious.  Phishing occurrences are now the biggest threat confronted by firms, and although electronic mail safety solutions are used to decrease the danger, malevolent messages are still conveyed to users’ inboxes.

An earlier investigation from Cofense has demonstrated that over 90% of all data breaches begin with a phishing electronic mail, emphasizing the significance of making sure all workers have the required talents to identify phishing, spear phishing as well as other electronic mail dangers. With IT groups already stressed with substantial loads, several companies are selecting to subcontract their teaching plans to managed service suppliers to manage the safety consciousness teaching plans and phishing imitations.

The Cofense group of anti-phishing resolutions is a perfect addition to MSPs facility lots, offering a simple method to deliver better value to customers at the same time upgrading bottom lines. Nevertheless, the re-introduction of the reseller network plan renders Cofense even more appealing, with fresh inducements included for resellers, together with lead splitting chances and marketing plans to assist associates to accomplish additional deals.

Cofense will also be offering more detailed danger information and complete malware intelligence to let MSPs as well as resellers to deliver up to the small information to customers on existing and evolving dangers. Equipped with that info, MSPs as well as resellers can guide their clients concerning the biggest dangers to their companies and take measures to thwart the danger and avoid data breaches.

The change to a 100% network sales type makes ideal sense. By focusing exclusively on secondary sales, Cofense will be capable to extend associations with resellers, MSPs, value-added resellers, as well as distributors and simplify the procedure for clients to get and use its training and security solutions.

Senior Vice President of international sales at Cofense, Gordon Lawson said, “Our main associations will heavily increase Cofense’s reach entrenched into global markets to bring human-centered phishing defense features to a broader international client base that know knowledge only is not sufficient to tackle these days’ most sophisticated cyber threats,”

With the danger from phishing, BEC attacks, and spear phishing bigger than ever, there is an unbelievable requirement for security awareness and anti-phishing training solutions. The transfer to a 100% channel-concentrated sales type will assist the company to provide its prize-winning solutions to more clients and assist them to avoid expensive data breaches.