Cofense Reporter for Mobile Introduced to Expedite Reporting of Phishing Attacks

April 7, 2018


Cofense Reporter, the phishing electronic mail reporting solution used on over 11 million endpoints to report phishing attacks in progress, has now been issued in a mobile-friendly setup. The solution lets workers inform phishing attacks, irrespective of the appliance used to verify work electronic mails.

The HIPAA Safety Law needs protected units to provide safety consciousness training to workers to help avoid the theft or exposure of PHI. Training assists workers to recognize phishing dangers before they result in a data breach.

As phishing electronic mails are likely to be transmitted to many workers, safety teams must act swiftly when a phishing attack is known. A solution that lets phishing electronic mails to be reported by workers will help to enhance the speed at which dangers can be alleviated.

Cofense’s solution – Cofense Reporter – lets workers report phishing electronic mails with a single click of the mouse. The electronic mails are transmitted to safety teams letting all other instances of the electronic mail to be quickly deleted from workers’ inboxes.

Phishing electronic mail reporting solutions can be easily set up on desktop and laptop electronic mail clients, even though changing work practices imply a solution also requires to be utilized on mobile appliances. Roughly 70% of workers now access work electronic mails on tablets and smartphones outside of normal office hours. With such a solution in place, phishing attacks in progress can be informed to safety teams 24/7, irrespective of how electronic mail accounts are accessed.

To make sure phishing attacks are informed as soon as possible, Cofense has introduced Cofense Reporter for Mobile. The solution works on all tablets and smartphones, including Android phones, iOS devices and Office 365. With the solution in place, workers can inform potentially malicious electronic mails to their safety teams while accessing electronic mails on the go.

“From coffee shops to living rooms, workers are constantly linked to their corporate electronic mail across tablets and multiple devices, leaving them at risk to phishing dangers while they are working on the go,” said Rohyt Belani, Co-Founder and CEO of Cofense. “Phishing attacks do not conform to standard office hours and neither can incident response and awareness.”

Together with the introduction of Cofense Reporter for Mobile, improvements have been made to the Cofense PhishMe safety consciousness training and phishing replication program. The program now includes more accurate trailing of replies to phishing replications, in particular, the opening of Office documents. With correct reporting, workers vulnerable to phishing attacks can be known and additional training can be arranged to improve their safety consciousness.