Cofense Starts New Managed Security Service Provider Anti-Phishing Program

A new Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program has been started by Cofense to help MSSPs supply advanced anti-phishing solutions to their SMB customers to improve defense against sophisticated phishing attacks.

Phishing is now the number one cybersecurity danger faced by SMBs. Phishing serves as an easy attack vector for cybercriminals and is one that is frequently used to gain access to business networks.

Phishing is used to attack businesses of all sizes, but SMBs can be highly vulnerable to attacks since they lack the resources to spot and obstruct advanced phishing threats.

Although cybersecurity solutions such as spam filters can be deployed to decrease the risk of phishing emails being delivered to workers’ inboxes and web filtering technology can obstruct access to phishing websites, these solutions need to be improved by human-driven phishing defense solutions.

With a lack of internal resources, a lot of SMBs turn to MSSPs to help them protect against phishing attacks and other cybersecurity dangers. To help MSSPs meet the needs of their customers, Cofense developed its new MSSP program to give MSSPs the tools they need to help their SMB customers improve their phishing defenses, improve resiliency against phishing attacks, and develop the ability to stop attacks in progress.

MSSPs are offered an end-to-end anti-phishing solution delivered through a range of Cofense solutions. MSSPs can offer their SMB customers safety awareness training and phishing email simulations via Cofense PhishMe. One-click reporting of phishing dangers is possible with Cofense Reporter, and phishing incident reaction capabilities can be delivered through Cofense Triage and Cofense Vision.

The program also provides MSSPs with one year of free professional facilities to help them develop and manage their anti-phishing programs. The facility includes professional advice about running phishing simulation programs and communicating consequences and accreditation for Cofense PhishMe and Cofense Triage to allow MSSPs to show proficiency to their customers.

Cofense also offers playbooks that create repeatable workflows and a continuous stream of phishing intelligence to allow MSSPs to quickly detect new threats and stop phishing attacks in progress.

“Our MSSP program will equip more small and mid-sized businesses with the necessary tools to build attack resiliency and most importantly, report, respond to and stop active phishing threats. Also, our programs will offer key incentives and pricing designed solely for our MSSP partners to make sure their go-to-market success,” described Robert Iannicello, VP of Global Channel Sales at Cofense.