Cofense Triage Nominated Best Phishing Protection Solution by CSO Online


CSO Online, the top online resource for safety experts, has carried out an in-depth appraisal of software safety solutions and has chosen 12 of the best and most efficient cybersecurity products presently on the market.

Each product was assessed using stringent reviewing methods to gain a complete grasp of how the solution worked, how it might be installed in customer settings and its effectiveness at coping with some of the riskiest dangers faced by companies.

With so many safety solutions on the market and so many different features of cybersecurity to cover, it was essential to confine the alternatives. CSO Online based its appraisal on the top cybersecurity technologies known by Gartner’s analysts as offering the best security versus the newest variety of cybersecurity dangers.

CSO Online checked each product in a production setting offered by the seller and released some of the most hazardous malware dangers to decide how each worked.

The top 12 products were chosen in the following types: Network security, threat hunting, endpoint security, application security, detection, intrusion phishing defense, compliance, vulnerability management.

Although some types had several winners, there was one product chosen as best-of-breed in the phishing protection group: Cofense Triage.

Most companies have electronic mail gateway solutions in place that stop the majority of phishing electronic mails from reaching end users’ inboxes. Safety consciousness training makes certain workers have the talents to recognize dangers that make it past border defenses. It is also usual to deploy a phishing reporting solution to assist workers rapidly report phishing dangers to their safety groups.

Workers tend to blunder on the side of carefulness and report several electronic mails to their safety groups, including genuine messages, benign spam electronic mails, and phishing attempts. As per Cofense, only about 10% of the reported electronic mails are actual dangers that must be remediated.

Safety teams, therefore, waste a substantial amount of time evaluating wrong positives, in place of dealing with the actual dangers. This is where Cofense Triage assists.

The anti-phishing solution assists safety groups to recognize the actual dangers rapidly, cutting out the time spent evaluating wrong positives. The solution automates the analysis, prioritization, and reaction to phishing dangers and provides safety groups with the complete information they require to address electronic mail dangers rapidly and efficiently before they lead to a data breach.

CSO Online commentator, John Breeden II evaluated Cofense Triage and described that the product is continuously evolving, however, in its present form it “signifies one of the most innovative defenses against phishing.”

“Safe electronic mail gateways are avoided daily by phishing electronic mails and our research has disclosed us that consciousness is not sufficient to obstruct phishing attack impact,” said Aaron Higbee, CTO, and co-founder of Cofense. “Cofense Triage is vital for safety operations groups to rapidly find and disrupt active phishing attacks just minutes after being informed within their business. Having Triage acknowledged as one of this year’s best safety software solutions, and the best phishing protection solution, by the technical professionals at CSO Online is a real evidence to that capability.”