Our Lady of the Angels Hospice Breach Affects 1,140 Patients

October 1, 2017

Our Lady of the Angels Hospice has learnt a former worker retrieved the medical files of 1,140 patients without approval. The worker had been allowed access to the PHI so as to carry out work duties; however, hospital workforce became conscious the worker was retrieving medical files without any genuine work reason to do so. The wrong access was learnt on July 25, 2017, and the worker’s entrance to the medical documentation system was instantly ended, as was the worker. President and CEO, Rene Ragas, Our Lady of the Angels Hospital, stated, “Patient secrecy is a top urgency and we have a zero-tolerance rule for workers who wrongly retrieve patient files.” A comprehensive inquiry was carried out to decide which Read More

One more Healthcare Business Harmed by The Dark Overlord

September 28, 2017

After a few months of comparative calm, the hacking unit TheDarkOverlord has proclaimed one more fruitful attack on a United States healthcare supplier, SMART PT. The hack supposedly happened on September 13, 2017, having the declaration of the data thievery revealed by TDO’s Tweet on Friday 22, 2017.  How access to the files was gained was not mentioned, even though it was verified to databreaches.net that the attack took benefit of the usage of vulnerable PINs. The whole databank of patients was supposedly thieved. Databreaches.net was provided the patient databank and has verified the genuineness of the attack. The databank had a wide variety of info on 16,428 patients, including contact information, Social Security numbers and dates of birth. This Read More

Missing Laptop Sees Protected Health Information of 3,725 Old-timers Disclosed

September 27, 2017

A withdrawn laptop earlier utilized by the Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Complex in Washington has been found to be misplaced, possibly culminating in the revelation of confidential patient files. The device was combined with a hematology analyzer as well as saved files pertained to hematology checks. The laptop computer was used from April 2013 to May 2016 but was taken out when it became useless. The laptop computer, which had been provided by a dealer, was substituted; nevertheless, an equipment register showed the appliance to be misplaced. The appliance must have been given back to the dealer, even though the dealer has no evidence of the laptop computer ever being recollected from MGVAMC. A register of equipment at the MGVAMC laboratory Read More

HIPAA Business Associate Data Breach Affects 21,856 People

September 23, 2017

The significance of checking system activity records has been highlighted by the latest HIPAA BA data breach. Nebraska-centered CBS Consolidated Inc., DBA Cornerstone Business & Management Solutions, carried out a usual check of system records on July 10, 2017 and found out an unusual account on the computer network. A closer check of that account disclosed it was being utilized to copy confidential files from the computer network, including the PHI of patients who used its medical goods. 21,856 patients who got durable medical goods from the business by way of their Medicare treatment have possibly been impacted. The kinds of information got by the hacker contained names, dates of birth, insurance details, addresses, and Social Security numbers. Although private Read More

1,081 St. Louis Patients Warned About Incorrect PHI Revelation

September 22, 2017

1,081 sick persons of Mercy Clinic Neurology Town as well as, Country and the MS Center of Saint Louis are being notified that they might be communicated for research and marketing intentions by medical businesses as well as other third-parties, although they might not have provided their approval to be communicated. HIPAA Laws don’t allow patients to be communicated for research or marketing intentions unless approval for doing this has first been gotten. Nevertheless, a mistake has led to patients’ info being revealed to third-parties by mistake and patients might be contacted by phone, mail or electronic mail as a consequence. The Mercy Clinic Neurology Town and Country and MS Center reported that medicine onboarding forms were inadvertently provided to medicinal Read More

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