Electronic mail Archiving Facility Included to the Cyren Cloud Safety Program

Cyren, a supplier of electronic mail, DNS, and web safety solutions, has declared the addition of a new electronic mail archiving facility in its Cloud Safety Platform. The platform can be utilized to keep company electronic mail messages safe while making certain conformity with federal and state electronic mail retention rules.

The Security-as-a-Service platform of Cyren combines cloud sandboxing, DNS security, email security, web security, and electronic mail archiving into one cloud-based program that can be monitored, accessed, and managed via one web-based admin control panel.

The latest announcement comes in reaction to requests by clients to provide free facilities to the platform connected to electronic mail organization. Remaining cloud-based, the solution lets extra facilities to be easily introduced to clients, something that would be impossible with appliance-based solutions.

The new addition assists companies meet their electronic mail management conformity responsibilities, securely and safely store huge quantities of electronic mails without needing on-premises storing, and makes sure all mails can be easily and quickly regained in the event of a tragedy, a conformity audit, and to satisfy legal discovery necessities.

The solution decreases the man-hours needed for compliance, electronic mail management, and message recovery and has superb scalability. The facility contains tamper-proof, secure electronic mail storing that saves the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of attachments and emails. The solution keeps an audit trace of user access essential for conformity with HIPAA as well as other industry rules and to meet conditions for corporate inquiries and trial.

The eDiscovery and search features produce search results within two seconds and subject access inquiries in minutes and makes easier user mailbox administration, decreasing the requirement for complicated PST management as well as mailbox size management.

The solution is among increasing quantity of cloud-based electronic mail archiving choices, which are nowadays the favored way of storing electronic mail data. According to Gartner, 80% of replacement and new electronic mail archiving solutions are currently cloud-based.