EU Commission announces GDPR Assistance

As the date of application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), moves ever nearer, the EU Commission has announced assistance about the rule, for use by Data Protection Authorities (DPAs), national authorities, governments, companies, and organizations and persons.

Although 25 May 2018 isn’t far away, there is still a great deal of groundwork to be done. At the top level, just 2 nations have presently applied data protection rules which show the conditions of the GDPR. Many small and medium enterprises are trying to know what the GDPR implies for them.

What the Commission is performing to assist 

Apart from the direction it has just circulated, the Commission is also creating a financial investment, to assist make sure the easy application of the General Data Protection Regulation. 1.7 million euros have been provided to finance Data Protection Authorities, with an additional 2 million euros being made obtainable to assist with the support of companies, with specific emphasis on small and medium enterprises.

Besides the funding, the Commission has started a tool, which can be utilized online by anybody who needs information and advice regarding the GDPR. This is projected to be particularly valuable for SMEs.

Emphasizing the advantages 

The Commission has also availed this chance to further emphasize the advantages which the GDPR will provide.

  • A single group of data safety laws throughout the EU. Even though, it is vital to note that separate governments do have some freedom to expand laws, and make additions.
  • Laws that pertain to every organization or business that provides facilities to European Union citizens, regardless of where the organization or business is based.
  • The reinforcing of rights for people residing in the European Union.
  • Improved safety against data breaches.
  • Laws that have more effect and where non-compliance can be reprimanded with substantial penalties.

The commission will carry on to provide support concerning the application of the General Data Protection Regulation. It will also check what occurs when the GDPR turns into a law. There are also policies to hold an occasion twelve months after application of the rule, involving different participants, with a statement of the results due to be created by May 2020.