Facebook Introduced New GDPR Compliance Tools

May 31, 2018


Social Media titan Facebook has launched two new characteristics to assist companies better safeguard people’s secrecy and reply to secrecy requests after the launch of the new European Union GDPR legislation last week.

The two new characteristics should help the developers to abide by the new data safety requirement for doing business within the EU.

The first one of this new characteristics is the facility of a ‘callback URL’. This lets the automatic erasure of a request for data to be erased. Essentially, if a user deletes a website or app from Facebook’s websites and apps settings, Facebook will question them if they would like all their data sent to the app from Facebook to be erased.

The possibility lets companies to computerize customer service requests as well as to demonstrate people that they are treating their information dutifully as per GDPR and also other compliance necessities. It may be made possible at an app’s Facebook Login Settings page in the computer application dashboard, and the callback should use HTTPS. Additionally, if the data removal request is applied, “it should start the removal of any data” that a computer application has from Facebook concerning the user.

The second new characteristic lets companies to provide the contact details of their Data Protection Officer.  Businesses can “designate as well as publish contact information for a Data Protection Officer.” A company’s Data Protection Officer must assist processing data requests and make sure that everything is done as per GDPR.

Ethan Goldman-Kirst, Facebook engineer speaking regarding the launch of these new characteristics stated “the practice on Facebook will tell people when they sent a request and when it was accepted by your service. It will also provide them with a verification number you supply and a method to check the status of their request.”