Forrester Examination Study Indicates PhishMe Phishing Solution Provides 336% ROI

Several companies have had no substitute but to upgrade cybersecurity fortifications to cope with the enhanced danger of cyberattacks. With attacks coming from all directions and a big attack appear to protect, companies require buying several goods to keep their data and networks well protected.

It’s therefore essential to make sure money turned away to cybersecurity is properly used up. Companies must make sure they obtain the best possible defense for their financing. One field that’s seeing a rising level of financing is anti-phishing expertise – Solutions that enhance the last line of protection – workers.

PhishMe has created a complete set of anti-phishing resolutions to keep companies safeguarded from the increasing danger of phishing attacks.

The set consists of PhishMe Intelligence™, a phishing danger intelligence facility PhishMe Triage™: a human-concentrated phishing event reaction platform; PhishMe Reporter™, an electronic mail add-on that lets single-click reporting of phishing electronic mails; and PhishMe Simulator™, a behavioral training as well as phishing replication product.

Although the solutions have confirmed to be extremely effective, it was not clear what return on investment the solutions offered. To estimate the probable return on investment, PhishMe employed Forrester Research to conduct a survey of leading customers to conclude how effective PhishMe anti-phishing solutions have been and the return on investment clients have relished.

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact research viewed at the PhishMe Human Phishing Defense Method and evaluated the expenses of phishing fortifications before as well as after application. Forrester carried out detailed interviews with 5 clients to evaluate the risks, costs, and advantages of installing the full PhishMe solution set.

The study exposed that after application of the complete PhishMe phishing solution set, organizations saw an 80% drop in phishing tick rates and a 336% ROI.

Over 3 years, clients saved $1.9 million on average. Those coffers would have been disbursed on coping with phishing attacks and reimaging computer systems to get rid of malware.

Application of the PhishMe anti-phishing solution led to a 30% drop in man-hours coping with phishing events. That is equal to 4.8 full-time workers.

Forrester concluded that the original financing in PhishMe solutions was recuperated in only 2.7 months after application of the solution.

Companies informed a 30% rise in efficiency and productivity after the application of PhishMe Reporter™ as well as PhishMe Triage™ and an 80% drop in phishing electronic mail tick rates by workers.