Forrester Research Nominates CloudHealth Technologies Leader in Cloud Cost Checking Space

June 2, 2018


The autonomous market research company Forrester Research has issued a new report on research carried out over the past few months on suppliers of cloud cost checking and optimization platforms. For its statement, Forrester Research carried out an in-depth assessment of businesses and their cost checking and optimization platforms and created a list of the best nine sellers. The addition of this new Forrester Wave report shows just how important cloud checking and cost optimization solutions have become.

The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Cost Checking and Optimization, Q2 2018 statement saves companies substantial time when generating a shortlist of appropriate businesses to assist them to avoid cloud disorder and improve their cloud atmospheres. The statement includes a thorough study of each seller to assist companies to select the best platform to match their separate requirements.

Each seller is ranked in three areas: Their present offering, plan, and market presence. Within these wide categories, businesses have been ranked based on cloud service management and governance, cloud programs supported, cost optimization, cloud checking, support facilities, platform experience and SLAs, amalgamations, and APIs, market tactic, product idea, partner environment, number of clients; income, and market share.

The Q2 statement sees CloudHealth Technologies included and rated top in the market presence group, verifying the business is the leader in the cloud cost checking and optimization space. The program was also rated second highest in the present offering group and was amongst the highest ranked businesses in the strategy group.

The CloudHealth Technologies program has now been accepted by over 3,000 companies and is used to administer over $5 billion in combined cloud spend.

“Away from cloud cost administration, CloudHealth Technologies seeks to be categorized as a multicloud administration and governance program for IT. To support control, CloudHealth’s program is built around a strong policy engine that delivers templated workflows for policy creation with a sole inserted quality guarantee procedure,” wrote Forrester Research. “Moreover, CloudHealth’s platform allows users to buy AWS Reserved Instances directly via its interface. Also exclusive to CloudHealth is its Google Cloud Platform support which is presently in beta.”