GDPR Compliance for Complete Product Line Pronounced by Nomadix

June 30, 2018


Nomadix Inc., a supplier of openings for wired and wireless connectivity solutions for public access networks and enterprises has disclosed that its complete variety of products is now abiding by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This proclamation includes:

  • Gateway products
  • Alloc8 deep packet examination appliances
  • All facilities linked with current products

This proclamation comes after GDPR substituting the 1995 EU Data Protection Order on May 25, 2018. The new European Union law unites the data safety laws across Europe and increases the rights of EU residents by highlighting fairness, transparency, and accountability. GDPR conformity now should be considered by all companies, irrespective of where they are situated, that operate with the EU or inhabitants of the EU.

Nomadix President Fred Reeder stated: “Nomadix takes data safety and secrecy very sincerely. As such, we constantly update our products to make sure the safety of private data. With the proclamation that all our products and facilities are GDPR-compliant, our customers and partners have the added guarantee that Nomadix products are safe and meet the data safety regulatory requirements that reserve the rights of EU people, hence giving our associates an added way to get their companies conforming.”

The main feature of Nomadix’s compliance with GDPR concerns about data for both subscribers and customers. All customer data is kept on safe systems supervised by Nomadix or its facility sellers. Nomadix has dealt with the collection of private data – and the company doesn’t send marketing substances to people who have shared company cards with Nomadix staff members. For subscribers, Nomadix doesn’t send any subscriber information to its servers without prior written authorization. Nomadix also now needs an additional GDPR agreement from its system integrators and clients before it can deliver any supporting data that might have subscribers’ private data.

Reeder ended by saying: “The fines for those who fail to abide by GDPR are important. Penalties can be €20M or 4 percent of income, whichever is more. Our partners and customers can rest assured that Nomadix is and always will be devoted to making data safety a top priority and that we will abide by compulsory secrecy laws worldwide, including GDPR.”