GDPR for US Businesses Vending into the European Union

A lot of people misunderstand that the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies only to organizations and businesses that are centered within the EU. This isn’t the case.

GDPR pertains to any company which possesses the private files of anybody living within the EU or hires folks within the EU. This implies that a business vending within the EU should abide by GDPR requirements.


What must businesses do to make sure this happens?


Any business that handles mass private monitoring, or deals with a large amount of confidential private data, will have to have a data protection officer (DPO) in place. It’s the responsibility of the DPO, and any company or business generally, to perform a check of the files they possess and decide what comprises private data. There isn’t any checklist to identify private data; it’s fundamentally any data, or group of data, which can be utilized to find a person.

Any business that vends within the EU will have to know what data is kept, where the data is kept and who has permission to access it. Businesses will also have to study GDPR requirements and make sure that they are complied with. All of this is needed in order for businesses to comply with GDPR and evade hefty penalties and other restrictions. This is a vital consideration when you know that the maximum possible penalty is 4% of a firm’s yearly transaction; possibly a large amount of money.