Is Google Voice HIPAA Compliant?

Google Voice is actually a trendy telecom facility, however, is Google Voice HIPAA compliant can it be utilized in a HIPAA compliant system? Is it probable for healthcare companies – or healthcare workers – to use the facility without breaching HIPAA Laws?

Is Google Voice HIPAA Compliant?

Google Voice is a prevalent and useful telecom facility that includes the capability to send text messages free of cost, voicemail transcript to text, voicemail, and several other useful qualities. It’s therefore expected that several healthcare experts would like to use the facility at work, and for private use.

To use a facility in healthcare in connection with any PHI it should be possible to use it in a HIPAA compliant way.

That implies the facility should be protected by the channel exemption law – which was launched when the HIPAA Omnibus Final Law became effective – or it should include a variety of safeguards and controls to satisfy the requirements of the HIPAA Safety Law.

Just as with SMS, email and faxing, Google Voice isn’t categorized as a channel which implies for Google Voice to be complying HIPAA, the facility would require satisfying the prerequisites of the HIPAA Safety Law.

There would have to be integrity controls, audit controls, access and authentication controls, as well as transmission safety for messages transmitted via the facility. Google would also require making sure that any information stowed on its computer networks are protected by the criteria required by HIPAA. HIPAA-protected units would also require getting satisfactory pledges that’s the situation, in the shape of a HIPAA-compliant BAA.

For that reason, prior to Google Voice might be used in connection with any safeguarded health information, the protected unit should get a business associate agreement with Google.

Will Google Sign a business associate agreement for Google Voice?

Google is eager to inspire healthcare companies to implement its facilities and is pleased to sign a BAA for G Suite, however, Google doesn’t incorporate its free consumer facilities in that contract. Google doesn’t recommend companies use its complimentary consumer facilities for business use because they have been created especially for users for private use.

Google Voice is a useful product and isn’t incorporated into Google Apps, G Suite, or Google Cloud and neither is it stated in its business associate agreement.

Therefore is Google Voice complying HIPAA? No. Until such stage that Google issues a type of Google Voice for companies, and will incorporate it in its BAA, it must not be utilized by healthcare companies or healthcare workers in a professional role.

The usage of Google Voice with any safeguarded health info would be a breach of HIPAA Laws.