HHS Secrecy Chief Deven McGraw Leaves OCR: Iliana Peters Currently Temporary Deputy

Deven McGraw, the Assistant Director for Health Information Secrecy at the Division of Health and Human Services’ OCR has resigned and departed OCR. McGraw left the post on October 19, 2017.

McGraw has worked as Assistant Director for Health Information Secrecy since July 2015, substituting Susan McAndrew. McGraw affiliated OCR from Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP where she chaired the organization’s secrecy and data safety practice along with another person. McGraw also worked as Temporary Chief Secrecy Officer at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) since the exit of Lucia Savage earlier current year.

In July, ONC State Controller Donald Rucker announced that after reductions to the ONC finances, the Office of the Chief Secrecy Officer would be closed, with the Chief Secrecy Officer getting just limited help. Therefore it looks a right time for Deven McGraw to shift onto new pastures.

OCR’s Iliana Peters has entered to substitute McGraw temporarily and will work as Interim Deputy Director until a proper substitute for McGraw can be gotten. Peters has left her position as a senior consultant for HIPAA Conformity and Implementation at OCR. There are no proposals to bring in a substitute for McGraw at the ONC.

Among the basic jobs for Peters will be to make sure the legal requirements of the 21st Century Treatments Law are met, as well as to release help for healthcare companies and sick persons on health information access and help on the permissible usages and revelations of safeguarded health information for sick persons getting cure for substance use disorder or mental health.

McGraw is a specialist in HIPAA and secrecy rules and will be really lacked at OCR. McGraw stated on Twitter, “The HIPAA group at OCR is in decent hands with Iliana Peters as Interim Assistant.”

Politico informs that McGraw will be going to Silicon Valley and will be enrolling a health technology startup that will be concentrated on “authorizing users.” Presently, no declaration has been made concerning which organization she is enrolling. Politico informs that McGraw will be “element of a very little group doing the thinking regarding what the invention will appear like, the data we are gathering and how we will administer and safeguard it.”