HIPAA Certification Clarified

July 15, 2018


A lot of providers would like HIPAA accreditation to confirm they are completely conforming to HIPAA Laws and are familiar with all parts of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), however, can HIPAA accreditation be attained to verify HIPAA conformity?

HIPAA Certification Clarified

In an ideal world, HIPAA accreditation would verify that all parts of HIPAA Laws are understood and being esteemed. If a third-party seller like a transcription firm was HIPAA accredited, it would make it more candid for healthcare groups looking for such a facility to choose a suitable seller.

Numerous companies state that they have been accredited as HIPAA conforming or in some cases, that they are ‘HIPAA Certified’. Nevertheless, ‘HIPAA Certified’ is not a certifiable term. There is no certified, lawfully recognized HIPAA conformity certification procedure or accreditation presently.

This is because of the fact that HIPAA conformity is a continuing process. A group might be firm to be in conformity with HIPAA Rules today, however that doesn’t mean that they will remain so at all points in time going forward.

Assume a healthcare supplier employs a third-party HIPAA-compliance specialist to appraise its procedures, policies, and technology to make sure that HIPAA Laws have been followed totally. HIPAA accreditation would only mean that the group is in conformity at the point of evaluation. Developments in technology, policies, staffing, procedures, updates to HIPAA Laws, and business practices might all make such an accreditation illegal.

HIPAA Accreditation and Training

HIPAA doesn’t obligate workers to finish any particular training program and get HIPAA accreditation, only that employees should be trained on HIPAA Laws and should verify, in writing, that they have been provided HIPAA training. For HIPAA protected bodies and business associates that implies training has been provided “as essential and proper for members of the staff to perform their jobs.”

As HIPAA Laws are complex, HIPAA training businesses are often hired. The businesses employ HIPAA conformity specialists who teach healthcare workers the features of HIPAA that are related to their part in the group, like the managing of PHI and permissible uses and revelations of PHI.

HIPAA needs protected bodies to familiarize a safety consciousness and training program for all members of the workforce, even though employees should only verify in writing that this has been given. HIPAA accreditation for safety consciousness training is also not an obligation.

Any ‘certification’ awarded will ratify that workers have finished training and possibly been tested on their knowledge of HIPAA Laws. That might be beneficial when seeking work, however, it’s not formally accepted by any national organization.