HIPAA Compliance and eFileCabinet

Like a document administration as well as a storage facility for companies, eFileCabinet offers on-site as well as cloud storage. Nevertheless, is the facility suitable for the healthcare industry? Does eFileCabinet abide by HIPAA laws or will using its result in HIPAA breaches?

Document management facilities allow organizations to carefully administer electronic papers and stock them securely in one location. With big sizes of documents being generated, such computer networks take the pressure out of document administration and can let HIPAA protected organizations share papers including ePHI securely and evade HIPAA breaches.

It’s vital to keep in mind that there are many document administration facilities available now, however, not all abide by HIPAA.

Safety measures contain the encryption of data at rest and on the move with 256-bit encryption. Confidential files can be securely transferred to external parties as well as distant employees through the business’s SecureDrawer characteristic. SecureDrawer lets files to be transmitted without needing to send papers beyond the defense of the firewall. The documents don’t exit the eFileCabinet method and are retrieved via a safe, encrypted portal.

eFileCabinet allows user as well as role-based authorizations to be applied to confine access to confidential information and manage what users and user collections can do with papers including ePHI. Safety measures can be set with differing levels of user verification, from simple passwords to facial recognition and voice prints. Users are also automatically disconnected after a period of idleness.

Automatic file preservation satisfies HIPAA integrity control necessities, data standbys are finished and an audit track is noted with duplicates kept for user access, what users have carried out with papers, and whether records have been downloaded or copied.

Security and privacy measures are just one feature of HIPAA compliance. Even with all proper protections set up, a document administration system isn’t a ‘HIPAA compliant’ facility unless a business associate agreement (BAA) has been finished with the facility supplier. By finalizing a BAA, the facility supplier is verifying they have put in place all proper controls to make sure data safety and are conscious of their responsibilities concerning HIPAA.  eFileCabinet is ready to finalize a BAA with HIPAA protected organizations and their BAs.

Nevertheless, it’s up to the protected organization to make sure that all safety measures made obtainable via eFileCabinet to back HIPAA compliance are configured correctly. Unsuccessful to set access controls properly, for instance, would lead to a violation of HIPAA Laws.

eFileCabinet seems to have all the needed safety, access, and check controls to make sure it can be utilized by healthcare companies in a way that complies with HIPAA Rules. eFileCabinet will also finalize a BAAwith HIPAA protected organizations and their BAs.

As long as a BAA has been finished before the program is used for stowing or transmitting ePHI, eFileCabinet can be thought a HIPAA complying document management service.