Improved Awareness Video Promotions to be Shown by Wombat Security at the SXSW Discussion

Wombat Security Technologies will be showing a new inclusion to its Consciousness Video Promotions at this month’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Seminar.

The Consciousness Video Promotions are a new addition to the Security Consciousness Substances produced by Wombat, the aim of which is to remind workers of the need to be safety aware and how easy changes to conduct can have a major effect on their organizations.

Cybersecurity theories are introduced in Wombat’s coaching modules, with the consciousness matters reinforcing those concepts, underscoring best practices and assisting to improve knowledge preservation.

Wombat’s Security Consciousness Materials contain posters for companies to display in the place of work and images and articles to distribute through electronic mail. The Awareness Video Promotions are a new addition, with the first audiovisual publicized last month.

The purpose of the videotapes is to improve commitment and highlight a brighter side to cybersecurity, capturing the attention of workers and encouraging them to share and discuss the videotapes. The video promotions are not planned to be a replacement for training, in its place they serve as an additional source to strengthen training and assist build a culture of safety awareness. The videos continue around a minute and include humor to help convey the core message and make the videotapes more memorable.

Organizations have the choice of adding a client based cover to the videos, including branding as well as other information to grab interest and make the materials more relevant.

Previous month, Wombat released the ‘Great Saves’ promotion covering the usage of open WiFi systems, the risk of phishing and the significance of protecting private information and medical data.

The latest video promotion, which will be shown at SXSW following week, is titled ‘Don’t Let Thieves In’ plus focuses on illegal computer software, social media websites and physical security. The videotape shows employees making all too common security errors that leave the door widely open to cybercriminals.

The videotapes are accompanied by images and posters using the same design features which can similarly be tailored to branding as well as other company explicit content.