InfoSec Institute Now Has Biggest Library of Security Awareness Training Content

June 8, 2018


At the latest Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit meeting 2018, the InfoSec Institute declared that its library of safety consciousness training subject is now the biggest collection of subject matter provided by any safety consciousness training firm.

The SecurityIQ AwareEd library comprises of usual CBT training units covering the complete range of electronic mail-based and web-based dangers. CBT training is accompanied by video training content and student appraisals.

The AwareEd library consists of over 300 role-based teaching units and 150 strengthening tools including program advertising electronic mails and posters.

The latest growth of its training content makes sure its clients have access to in-depth training material to assist them to prepare their workers for an unavoidable cyberattack, and make certain they know how to react when such a danger is received.

The teaching package is role-based, letting clients to automatically organize training for workers based on their part within a business, with a range of training material available to match separate learning styles and workers’ present level of safety consciousness – from basic cyber hygiene to improved phishing and social engineering attacks.

Through the Safety IQ platform managers can assess each worker through its rating and record system. These appraisals can be used to forecast danger and customize learning plans to rectify any gaps in users’ understanding of electronic mail and web-based dangers.

Besides the training material, through its SecurityIQ platform managers can run phishing replications to test resilience to phishing attacks and gain a better conception of their present safety posture. Those campaigns are extremely customizable, and managers can pick from more than 1,100 phishing models.

“Personalized consciousness training is the only way to cut through the mess, involve students and make a permanent effect,” said Jack Koziol, CEO, and Creator at InfoSec Institute. “As social engineering and phishing attempts develop more refined every day, we’re happy to offer our customers the deepest range of high-fidelity material, so they can customize their education plans to different learner requirements.”