Infosec Institute Training Library Currently Contains Over 1,200 Training Sources

The Infosec Institute, the creator of the SecurityIQ phishing consciousness teaching platform, has been gradually increasing its teaching units to help educational institutions, non-profits, and businesses, improve the safety consciousness of workers and coach workforce on cybersecurity as well as compliance.

The latest update to the teaching collection sees five new units included covering the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS). The five new teaching units contain four CJIS policy units: Dissemination/Destruction, Media Protection, Physical Security, and Handling CJI, and one CJIS Safety Policy unit. The latest additions have been made available in English, Polish, Russian and Romanian.

The teaching material must be utilized to improve policy and safety consciousness of all workers who need to manage criminal justice information (CJI). Like with all other teaching units, users can trail the progress of workers utilizing the SecurityIQ platform, which makes monitoring and administering safety consciousness and compliance teaching easy.

The InfoSec Institute has also announced a new micro learning video named “Is it Safe?” which undertakes adding to the lately released Shoulder Surfing, mobile application safety, and tailgating videos. The micro learning videos are bite-sized pieces of information that are perfect for busy workers, and persons with short attention durations. The videos normally last just a minute and provide main information on particular subjects. The short duration makes them simple to fit into a working day as well as assists to make sure staff are conscious of the sanctuary fundamentals. The InfoSec Institute will be announcing more skillfully created micro learning videos all through 2018.

The SecurityIQ training collection is among the most wide-ranging sets of sources available to companies to assist them to undertake the ever-growing variety of safety dangers. The teaching library now has over 1,200 educational reinforcement materials, teaching modules, and phishing templates, encompassing the latest attack tendencies. By utilizing the resources companies can prepare workforce and avoid cyberattacks from resulting in a data breach.