Innova Solutions Introduces CloudHealth Technologies-Powered Cloud Optimization Package

April 22, 2018


Companies are now adopting the cloud and are progressively selecting public cloud settings to deploy new facilities. The invention might be quickened by public cloud adoption, however, companies often try to effectively administer their cloud.

Companies might be adequately technically talented to take benefit of the cloud, however, they usually lack the tools and skillsets to evaluate and effectively administer expenses and make sure good governance. The wastage can be substantial, however, without good visibility into how cloud resources are used it is tough for companies to optimize their cloud arrangements and get rid of wastage, for example paying for cloud resources that are never completely used or paying excessive amounts for their cloud settings when lower cost alternatives are available.

The new facility from Innova Solutions deals with this issue, providing companies with valuable insights into cloud usage. By way of constant analysis of cloud arrangements and cloud expenses, Innova is able to find cost-saving chances through a blend of optimization of automation and cloud resources. Innova Solutions also checks cloud settings for safety problems and tackles safety gaps when they are known.

Through the new facility, companies are able to ensure best financial and safety fitness for their cloud placements and are kept completely updated via monthly executive reporting that clearly describes the optimizations that have been applied and how they have helped the company.

“CIOs and CFOs are usually unable to see the usage, cost, and safety information, linked with all their cloud settings in a single complete view. Without the capability to spot trends and patterns, it’s virtually impossible to decide where to apply concentration,” said Brian Amirian, Cloud CTO at Innova Solutions. With the new service, companies can easily trim thousands off their cloud bills without any adverse effect on performance.

“Clients are looking for associates to assist them efficiently administer and scale their public cloud sources. Innova’s Cloud Optimization Program tackles these requirements by decreasing and controlling expenses while hastening business transformation,” said Bob Kilbride, Senior Director of Global Channels at CloudHealth Technologies.