Irish Data Protection Commission Records more than 1,300 Grievances since GDPR became Law

June 7, 2018


It has been disclosed that more than 1,300 complaints or concerns have been submitted to the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) since the General Data Protection (GDPR) became enforceable on May 25.

In a statement issued the DPC said that the quantity of grievances being made by phone and electronic mail since May 25, from both organizations and individuals, has skyrocketed.

The regulator said it started receiving the first grievances from people since the rule was applied on May 25, and also its first notices from organizations linking to private data breaches, which are being dealt with according to the GDPR. It stated: “Between May 25 and May 31, the DPC received about 700 phone calls and more than 650 electronic mails to its information service. These contain links from both persons raising worries or making grievances to the DPC and inquiries from organizations.”

Besides this, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of private data breaches that organizations are informing to the DPC. To abide by GDPR, and avoid substantial penalties, organizations and companies should inform the controlling organization (the DPC in Ireland) within 72 hours if it is found that a breach has happened. 60 notices, half of which link to breaches that happened after the May 25 date. If firms fail to abide by GDPR they face major penalties, the most severe of which is 4% of yearly international income or €20m, whichever amount is more.

GDPR was created to standardize and safeguard the way that private data is safeguarded within the European Union. It should be adhered to by firms situated within the EU and those outer firms that are operating in the EU or handling the private data of EU inhabitants. So far, as per the DPC, there are 10 cases at review phase in line with GDPR prerequisites.