Ironscales Declares New Relationship with Check Point to Improve Discovery and Redress of Email Safety

Ironscales has declared it has joined with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd and will be combining its advanced IronTraps™ anti-phishing resolution with Check Point’s Sand Blast Zero-Day Protection – a danger simulation solution that checks doubtful electronic mail attachments in a secure and safe sandbox.

Presently, Ironscales is the only business to present an anti-phishing resolution that unites human acumen with machine knowledge. The business has created a solution capable of identifying phishing electronic mails and automatically remediating attacks, without any input needed from safety teams. The IronTraps™ automated phishing protection solution decreases the time required to redress phishing attacks in seconds.

Now Phishing is a main network safety danger and the danger of phishing attacks is increasing. Figures publicized by the Anti-Phishing Working Group indicate there has been a 65% rise in phishing attacks in 2016 and 9 out of 10 of those attacks were carried out with the objective of infecting computer systems and networks with illegal computer software.

Avoiding phishing attacks from going well can be a test. A number of organizations try to decrease vulnerability to phishing by conducting worker security consciousness coaching and running phishing mockups. This is a good strategy, even though Ironscales says it’s not perfect. It’s impossible to stop workers clicking on phishing electronic mails all the time with education and mockups.

Ironscales states its anti-phishing solution provides more comprehensive defense, protecting against spear phishing, phishing, and social engineering attacks and making sure attacks are remediated swiftly.

The latest collaboration will improve the capabilities of the IronTraps™ solution. The organization states, “The collaboration between Ironscales and Check Point will radically expand the third-party checking skills of IronTraps™, allowing companies to more effectively restrict exposure to damaging zero-days and malware usually delivered through phishing attacks.”

Already Check Point is a leader in spotting zero-day exploitation attacks, with the collaboration with Ironscales improving the reaction to those attacks. “Our clients can now benefit from strong electronic mail safety, that blends our zero-day avoidance with the Ironscales automated phishing remediation resolution,” stated vice president of business development, Check Point, Alon Kantor.