Jones Memorial Hospital Warns Patients of Continuing Cyberattack

Jones Memorial Hospital of the University of Rochester Medicine in New York is presently going through a cyberattack which has triggered unanticipated interruption.

The onslaught is considered to have begun on last Wednesday and also has triggered interruption to a few of its information facilities. At the instant of writing, the type of the cyberattack is not clear and it has yet to be determined.  The cyberattack is restricted to Jones Memorial Hospital. No other sites have been affected.

Although some systems are not available, Jones Memorial Hospital has confirmed on its site that the medical and financial information of its patients doesn’t seem to have been undermined. If the inquiry determines that there has been a breach of health data, patients will be alerted consequently. Additional information on the attack will also be displayed on the hospital’s site as and when fresh information is available.

The hospital informed the police as well as the New York State Department of the attack when its systems stopped. Hospital IT workforce is helped by the IT divisions at St. James Hospital, the University of Rochester, and Noyes Health to reinstate all methods back to complete functionality.

Jones Memorial Hospital has organized events like this. Emergency processes are frequently checked, and workers are educated how to react to cyberattacks and system interruption. As a result, medical facilities are ongoing to be provided, with information being noted by hand on patient graphs when its systems are not online.

Nevertheless, without access to electronic patient health information, the hospital is instructing all patients to take their insurance card with them, and complete lists of medicines and if probable, particulars of their medicinal record.

Methods will be returned back online as soon as is probable, however in the intervening time, the hospital is concentrated on preserving patient security and quality of treatment.